It’s playoff time and all eyes are on the NBA. Ergo, new shoes. It’s not quite science, but it’s pretty close. What you see above are the newest sneakers for LeBron James, Derrick Rose and Kevin Garnett. They’re all special to this postseason and they’re all winners as far as I’m concerned.

This is the new Nike LeBron 8 PS, which James wore in the Heat’s Game 1 win against the Philadelphia 76ers. It’s the latest and last in this year’s LeBron 8 line, and it’s the lightest shoe of the three. I got a chance to play in this shoe over the weekend and it’s excellent. Usually LeBron’s shoes are really bulky — owing mostly to the fact that, you know, he’s a 275 lb. mass of muscle who can jump nearly four feet in the air — but this is slimmed down thanks to a Hyperfuse upper. When I showed my wife, she even said, “Oooooh, I like those.” Good enough for a wife, good enough for me.

The Anta KG1 “O’Brien,” obviously named for the Larry O’Brien trophy, which is very fitting because of championships. (Naming them after former Pacers coach Jim O’Brien would result in a black and silver two-toned shoe that doesn’t play any defense. No thanks.) Garnett hasn’t worn these yet, but I’d guess the farther the Celtics go, the better chance we have of seeing these on his feet. Anta’s yet to make the jump to the United States, so good luck getting your hands on these without spending a pretty penny on eBay. Or, just ask Kevin Garnett for a pair the next time you see him, since he’s not using them.

Finally, this Carl “Slim” Pickens of a shoe is the adidas Crazy Light, another sneaker to make its debut this weekend. You saw it on the feet of Jrue Holiday, Mario Chalmers, Hedo Turkoglu and most notably Derrick Rose. It’s touted as the lightest basketball shoe ever — checking in at a sprint shoe-like 9.8 oz — while still being supportive enough for an explosive guy like Derrick Rose to play a playoff game while wearing them. I’m not sure how they got the shoes to weigh so little, but it must be some sort of combination of wizardry and Rick Moranis’ shrinking ray. We’ll have to remember to ask Ken Jeong next year.

Got a favorite? Me neither, since they’re all top-notch. But still, let’s hear what you think in the comments.