TBJ Top 5, featuring twos

Indiana Pacers at Chicago Bulls
After the Bulls’ so very excellent Game 1 victory over the Pacers, I was talking with Brett Polakoff from NBC’s ProBasketballTalk and we both agreed that this series seems like sweep material now. It’s not that the Pacers can’t win a game, it’s just that Saturday’s performance is the kind of game that an underdog needs to win if they’re going to steal a game. Of course, having wrote this, I’m sure the Pacers are going win walking away, making me look like an idiot. But hey, that’s the Internet for you.

Philadelphia 76ers at Miami Heat
As for the Sixers, making a snap judgment on Game 1, I’d offer that Philly needs to ride Elton Brand and Thaddeus Young as much as they can. Spencer Hawes and Marreese Speights looked completely overwhelmed and Tony Battie looked exactly what you’d expect a 35-year-old Tony Battie to look like. Oh, and maybe get a hand in Chris Bosh’s face, too.

House (Fox — 8pm ET)
Olivia Wilde is back — which certainly makes this tempting — but you should probably just catch this OnDemand if you’re dying to see this return to the small screen. It’s the playoffs.

Trader Joe’s “Heart of Darkness” Mango Passion Fruit Juice Blend
If you’re looking for a delicious juice to drink during tonight’s game, let me recommend a half-glass of this mixed with a half-glass of water. So good.

Getting to Bed Early
The late game tonight starts at 9:30pm ET, which is really excellent from a getting sleep perspective. Not only are you not going to feel bad for missing out on something going down on the West Coast because you’re fell asleep after working all day, then watching the Heat/76ers game right when you get home, you’ll also keep your significant other happy by heading to bed at a normal human hour. Win-win.