If you’re looking for Twitter commentary from NBAers check out Channing Frye, Jared Dudley, and Brandon Jennings. If you want writers, reporters and bloggers, check this handy list compiled by the fine folks at Quickish. If you’re looking for lots of Bulls love from one of the funniest guys on television, Danny Pudi of “Community” is a must follow.

During the Bulls/Pacers game last night, Pudi said what we all feel, while still sounding a whole lot cooler than the rest of us:

My goodness, indeed. Ballers. The two of them.

While Pudi makes us laugh every Thursday, Rose is killing it in the opening round of the playoffs as he continues to show why he is likely the soon-to-be league MVP. After scoring 39 points to go with six rebounds and six assists (and 21 trips to the free throw line!) in Game 1, Rose poured in another 36 points, eight rebounds and six assists as the Bulls took a 2-0 lead in the series against Indiana.

I feel a little better about the Rose swooning when I know Pudi’s doing it, too.

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  1. When I was 22, I was failing my 1st year of college in philosophy and japanese culture, smoking lots of pot and doing nothing as interesting as Danny Pudi did :/.

    In retrospective, the most accomplished thing I did that year was participating in the making of an unfinished stop-motion video-clip fro a friend. That says a lot.

  2. Troy and Abed and Derrick in the mooornin!

  3. Rose is streets ahead

  4. “I have the weirdest boner” when i watch D Rose play….

  5. we should call Rose’s 3s “Annie’s Boobs”….”did you see Rose stroke 2 of Annie’s Boobs in the 3rd quarter last night?”

  6. Please keep going with the “Community” puns. These are great.

  7. When informed that Darren Collison will likely miss game 3 of the series, Pudi responded, “Cool. Cool cool cool.”

  8. I’m with Trey. Community puns are the best. I almost want to retweet this just to ask for everyone’s favorite Community clips.

  9. [...] self:The next time you’re angry with one of those players, take a moment and remember the stupid shit you were doing at 22, then @reply to your heart’s content. No Comments Previous post NBA hydration/excrement [...]

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