This is what happens when you win three straight DPOYs, and it’s probably the reason why Ben Wallace didn’t win in 2003-04. I mean, do you know how much it costs to retrofit a trophy with hair?

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  1. I love Dwight so much sometimes.

  2. The suit is boss.

    But given that the DPOY hasn’t been given to a guard in 15 years (the Glove) I think they need to redesign the trophy to look something like this:

  3. They should put a cape on the statuette.

  4. i know the trophy is on a table but when i first saw the picture it looked like dwight was wearing shorts and the trophy was on his lap. anyone else?

  5. @illmatic-1 yeah, same here… what are those two things there?

  6. Funny how Dwight is possibly the best defensive force in NBA history (which you associate with a tough, mean player), yet he is such a clown.

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