Another week, another confusing episode of everyone’s favorite “socially-conscious” cartoon. Just a couple of minor questions on this one:

  • We know that Gloria is LeBron’s mom’s name in real life, and that these four characters are supposed to represent different parts of LeBron’s persona. So does Wise LeBron being attracted to cartoon Gloria mean that some part of LeBron has an Oedipus complex?
  • LeBron voices the Business character and that character comes to a realization that life isn’t all about global domination and making as much money as you can. Is this real LeBron’s confession that he’s cared to much about becoming a global icon?
  • They really kept the lion?
  • The moral of the story is ostensibly that staying tight as a family is important. But is the secondary moral that adding women to the mix is a bad idea? Because it kinda seems like that, since Gloria shows herself out while saying “I’ve upset the balance.”

Like I said, confusing. No big deal though. This show isn’t aimed at adults, it’s for kids. I’m sure they’ll get it.

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  1. Isn’t having an Oedipus complex a key part of being a successful professional player? Ray Allen, Lebron, et al.

  2. “The uploader has not made this video available in your country. ”

    Told you the NBA doest care about Canada

  3. If LeBron has an Oedipus complex for his Mom, then what do they diagnose Delonte West with? Was Delonte just trying to be like LeBron vicariously through himself?

  4. i would argue that the NBA does care about canada by saving you from this piece of shit.

  5. Can’t believe LeBron was watching porn…doesn’t that lead to premature shooting, which Kid so poignantly stated last week “doesn’t happen on this court?” This is the worst show ever

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