You might think that Chris Paul’s Game 1 destruction of the Lakers was because he was finally healthy, that he stepped his game up for the playoffs or any one of a hundred other possible reasons. Nope. Not even close.

The real reason, obviously, is this family-friendly lap dance he got from rapping cotton candy Nicki Minaj before leaving for Los Angeles. After all, pregame preparations like this made Patrick Ewing a Hall of Famer.

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  1. my god. put me in coach

  2. Welp, thanks for linking that 10 year old article that just destroyed the way I looked at Dikembe…

    I guess I was foolish to think he was basically perfect anyway…

  3. Considering it wasn’t about Dikembe, you should probably be just fine.

  4. Now I really hate Chris Paul…

  5. [...] by Trey Kerby under Music, Phoenix Suns, Score Video on Apr 20, 2011 I guess this is a thing now, point guards getting lap dances from a lady dressed like a combination of cotton candy, Sophia Coppola’s “Marie [...]

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