Wha' Happened?: Carlos whisper

Miami Heat 94, Philadelphia 76ers 73
Through 10 postseason games, the Heat are clearly playing the best. In Game 1 they held off a strong charge and in Game 2 they just totally handled things from start to finish. They’re giving up an average of 81 points a game and only allowed 93 points per 100 possessions. Play defense that good and it hardly matters that their offense has only been average.

Chicago Bulls 96, Indiana Pacers 90
On the other end of the spectrum is the Bulls, who’ve struggled through two tough wins to start the series. In fact, if it weren’t for a terribly placed cameraman, this series could be tied at one. However, I’m not too sure that this is anything to worry about. If past playoffs have taught us anything, first round performance matters very, very little in the long run. Just last year, the Lakers needed six tough games to beat the Thunder before winning a title while the Cavaliers dismantled the Bulls in five before falling apart in the second round. It’s maybe not awesome that the Bulls aren’t rolling through the Pacers, but it also doesn’t necessarily mean very much.

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  1. Skeets said it time and time again – one of these days the cameramen will deffinately hurt a player. And it happened at the worst time – The Playoffs. It sucks. Big time.

  2. don’t forget boston’s championship year, where they went 7 with atl in the first round

  3. Double bingo on these comments.

  4. I want a t-shirt! :D Haha

  5. That graphic made me nearly spit coffee all over my desk.

  6. Hahahhaha, more like the rebound whisperer. That tweet about pulling down a board and yelling really loud… hilarious!!!!!

  7. I think that the Bulls have more in common with the Cavs than they do with the Lakers.

  8. just saw this post. trey, that pic is amazing. as is the “meet me in montauk” title.

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