On today’s NBA Playoff Fix — and 700th show! — Skeets and Tas breakdown three key Game 2s: Knicks/Celtics (‘Melo’s near legendary night, Coach Doc Rivers’ killer playcalling, Rondo’s endless layup line), Blazers/Mavs (Dallas’ offensive options and ball control, Kidd’s hot shooting, that Wes Matthews scare), and Hawks/Magic (ATL miracle points, Kirk vs. Jameer, Larry Drew’s handling of Al Horford’s foul trouble and Jason Collins’ minutes). All that, plus a sincere thank you.

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  1. tony douglas was probably playin conservatively, knowing that he was the ONLY option at point guard. if he got in foul trouble, anthony carter is running the point… yikes.

    skeets, stop talking about dwight being kept in check. sure, he didn’t score in the five minutes collins played. but, when you answer four question on a test correctly and get a 20% overall, you don’t talk about how you aced that test… for a bit.

  2. So you guys are going to begin every 700+ show with 12 minutes of trashing the Knicks defense?

    Brandon Roy is out the back crying cause he had sand in his vagina.

  3. I was saying the same thing last night about ‘Melo maybe getting better when Amar’e went out….playing in that situation is how ‘Melo is the most comfortable. I’m not saying they’re worse with Amar’e, but I think ‘Melo still has to negotiate how to play with another superstar and he hasn’t quite figured it out yet.

    Lots of media and fans alike were saying the Knicks were more dangerous with Douglas. He was terrible I thought. As you guys said, not stopping Rondo’s drives early enough, and never putting him on the line even though he can’t make dick from there. And, on top of not fouling when he should be, he had tons when he shouldn’t be (what the hell was that foul with 2:33 left in the 2nd Q?). He may be faster, but without Billups I don’t think they can execute as well.

    Glen Davis and Jeff Green were awful in both games. Davis I’m confident will improve in his current role just based on how he’s been able to help the team this year (he’s been great).

    Something needs to change for Green. He was TERRIBLE. I’ve never seen someone go up so weak with the ball. 4 chances in the first half to finish at the rim (3 of them right under the hoop) and in all cases he went up so weak that he didn’t score or draw a foul.

    I wonder if Green should be running with the starting unit until Shaq gets back. KG is more than capable of playing the 5 against New York and Miami. Green can find his rhythm. Once he’s feeing good, I think he’s ready to work in the role player position.

    As I was writing that, tweetdeck threw up that the Celtics are not expecting Shaq to return ever……Danny Ainge should die.

  4. And by die I mean be fired.

  5. Congrats on the 700th episode! I’ve been around since about 430-ish.

    To all the relatively new TBJ fans this is what the show looked like back in da day – http://sports.yahoo.com/nba/blog/ball_dont_lie/post/TBJ-Ep-516-Trade-Time?urn=nba-220220.

    Watch it if you want to find out if the TBJ crew ever took a shot from/with Charles Oakley.

    I loved the flying cube in the middle of the room. It always tripped me out.

  6. @tjr: Roy is all fucked up. Major injuries mess up your mind. Don’t bash him for the Frail Blazers curse, just reminisce about the good old days in his All-Star form

  7. 700 shows wow ive been along for at least 600. its always fun watching you guys shoot the crap about B ball. B Roy should really talk to ron artests shrink to help him through these tough times

  8. Congrats on 700 episodes! I have been watching for a while, enjoy every minute of it!

  9. The Magic should have given the game ball to Larry Drew. His decisions killed the Hawks.

  10. No doodles? :’(

  11. To further elaborate on Drew. The Magic were down in the 2nd quarter and made a run on offense rebounding. Hilton Armstrong played 7 minutes in that quarter and there was a period with Armstrong at C and Marvin Williams at PF. MY GOD WHY? The poor lineup choice allowed the Magic to get momentum and the lead which they never relinquished.

    In the second half he sat Josh Smith for an extended period of time after he got a T for complaining about a horrible officiating call in which for 2nd time in a minute a Magic moving screen was whistled as a Hawks foul. The important part here is that Smith was one of the few Hawks scoring.

  12. It’s hard being a Blazers fan.

    It’s easy being a TBJ fan… happy 700!

    I don’t think JD had much further to back away at the end…

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