I guess this is a thing now, point guards getting lap dances from a lady dressed like a combination of cotton candy, Sophia Coppola’s “Marie Antoinette” and one of those big swirly lollipops. Seems chill. Kinda makes you want to learn how to dribble and pass really well.

Nicki’s tour is in Los Angeles this Friday. Don’t be surprised if Derek Fisher is mysteriously missing from that night’s game.

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  1. Too bad he isn’t in the Playoffs so he could have an outburst like the one CP3 had.

  2. whose next? Rondo, Rose, D-will? or westbrook?

  3. how amazingly awkward was that? hahaha…

  4. Calderon? Roko Ukic? Kirk Heinrich? Ricky motherfucking Rubio?!!

  5. Blake Griffin on Friday? or if you really want it to be awkward, then the answer is simple – Chris Kaman

  6. @Gehan seriously, whats nash doing at nicki minaj concert first of all lol. he looked kind of embarassed like he didnt want to be on stage or something. he should have at least bobbed his head to show some kind of interest or fun besides strating directly at her ass the entire time lol

  7. [...] most marketable guy in the league not on the Heat or Lakers. All that remains — aside from a Nicki Minaj lap dance, since that appears to be a rite of passage for elite point guards these days — would be his [...]

  8. Nash is a newly single man! He is going to go out there and get girls hotter than JJ Barea can get… Marquis Daniels is jealous of Nash right now.

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