Boston Celtics 96, New York Knicks 93
Jared Jeffries kind of freaked out on that last possession, throwing a tough interior pass that was stolen, when even he agrees that he should have shot the ball. That’s understandable, since Jeffries probably hasn’t been fed the ball in the post for a game-winning shot since college. The problem is that the Knicks were left so thin by the Carmelo Anthony trade that an injury to Amar’e Stoudemire means Jared Jeffries is in that position. Makes it hard to take them seriously as a contender going forward, because the new CBA won’t be quite as friendly with regards to adding good players.

Orlando Magic 88, Atlanta Hawks 82
33 points on 12 shots, 15-19 free throws, 19 rebounds, two steals and a block for Dwight Howard. More importantly, a win to even the series. The difference this time was that the Magic played stellar defense, holding the Hawks to less than 40 percent shooting from the field while forcing 15 turnovers. Compare that to Game 1, where Atlanta shot 51 percent and turned the ball over just nine times, and you can see how the Magic pulled this one out.

Dallas Mavericks 101, Portland Trail Blazers 89
Dirk Nowitzki is just too good at scoring for Portland to deal with. 33 in the game for the Circus, including the last 11 to finish things off. The Mavericks also got 18 from Jason Kidd and 21 from Peja Stojakovic — Peja Stojakovic, guys — in a 2011 playoff game. Just not the Trail Blazers’ night, even if they did enjoy great games from LaMarcus Aldridge, Gerald Wallace and Wesley Matthews. Maybe in Portland.