On today’s NBA Playoff Fix, Skeets and Tas do their best to recap a pretty ugly night of basketball. Games/topics include: Grizzlies-Spurs (Manu’s return, Pop’s defensive wrinkle, O.J.’s best J.R. impersonation), THUNDERNUGGETS! (Denver’s lackadaisical first quarter, the Thunder’s ability to keep the Nuggets’ heads under water, Cook’s extended minutes), and the Hornets-Lakers (Odom, Steve Blake’s weight loss, Kobe on CP3). All that, plus Skeets’ annual “WHAT THE FUCK, TSN?” rant.

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Comments (13)

  1. Best vidBlogcast with firetrucks EVER!!

  2. ariza missed too many shots when they counted for a whoa-boy imo
    if the grizz get a few of those outside jumpers to fall, they win that game. also the grizz still get no respect form the refs. if zach stared at me that much I’d give him a call

  3. Pau was lauching freaking fade-aways and too many jumpers, not agressive at all, I was disappointed. What the fuck was he thinking?

    Lamar is an x-factor for the Lakers these playoffs, that’s obvious. But it seems to me that Ron Artest is as important to the Lakers’ success, when he makes good decisions, the man can be very efficient. We’re talking about a player who could score 20 a game when he was the first or second option on his team. I know that’s not his role now, but he can win a couple of games for LA like he did last postseason. Don’t overlook Ron-Ron!

  4. Sean Elliot was SO annoying, I could not listen to him. I muted the game after the first quarter. The playoffs should be announced by impartial commentators.

  5. Grizz/Spurs broadcast was unusually bad. I can usually stomach just about any announcers (Listening to Tommy Heinsohn my whole life has really toughened me up), but it was tough to take, especially when you get used to national announcers during the playoffs.

    I guess that Whoa Boy recipient is pretty indicative of the type of night that it was.

    Thanks for fixing the Battier.

  6. I want a whole episode in French!!! And in it, let’s speak only about the fantastic season of Ajinca…

  7. TSN and Sportsnet Connected are awful! They are not sports stations they are hockey stations. The Score is the only sports network that really gives fair coverage of all sports, and actually broadcasts sports other than hockey (shock Canadians enjoy activities not hockey related).

  8. Uh Oh, you called out Bonner getting spanked by Arthur….will he ever return to the show?

  9. Fuck Good Friday. Duties. Not a late start for me, stupid East coasters.

  10. @Sammo: send the memo to the stupid Boston commentators PLEASE

  11. You guys have a funny accent speaking french :-)

    “Nous somme ici” as a translate of here we are is grammatically corretc but sounds really odd. Should be something like “Nous voici, jeudi matin,…”

    Even after a lame playoff night, you still make the show cool to watch, thanks guys !

  12. Congrats on 701 episodes!

  13. Gary Neal definitely played in tough conditions. His first pro club in Europe was Karşıyaka, and here’s some Karşıyaka fans invading local TV studios: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7GXIn8hQ5yc

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