“Nailed it.” — Steve Blake

Alternate caption 1: I agree with Chris Paul.

Alternate caption 2: Steve Blake’s making that face because he just saw Steve Blake wearing a headband.

Alternate caption 3: Everyone knows that headbands are nature’s finest chickenpox repellent.

Alternate caption 4: What would the Lakers be without a headband-wearing guard who can’t shoot and has a name that starts with “S?”

Alternate caption 5: Do the Smurf, do the wop, baseball bat, headband like I’m bringin’ ’02 back.

That’s all I can come up with. Let’s hear yours in the comments.

Comments (15)

  1. CP: “Steve, you’re dribbling too high. I’m going to steal that ball.”

  2. The Cool Kids are taking over TBJ. And I like it.

  3. SB: “This headband lets me levitate the ball with my MIND!”
    CP: “No waaay!”

  4. Chris Paul: In awe of Steve Blake’s headband.

    I shit you not, he’s looking right at it.

  5. You cannot steal the preciouses from Gollum

  6. And is it just me or are they going across the court rather than down it based on that ring position? Maybe Steve Blake just saw an old high school bully sitting in the crowd heckling him and CP3 just realised with horror that Steve was about to detonate the ball in this perpetual bully’s face. Hence, he stole it and drained a 3 at the buzzer to deactivate it.

    I think so.

  7. chickenpox still visible on blake’s biceps

  8. CP: damn son, CHICKEN POX BE NASTY!

  9. CP3 – Stop it, Steve! Your face gonna freeze like that!


  10. SB5 – Imma put your soul in this basketball and then eradicate it in the hoop

  11. nice made you look reference :D

  12. CP3: Make it spin now! Make it spin!

    Blake: aaaaaaamanamanamanamanaaaaaaa!


  13. SB: ahhhh fuck yeah, look at me

  14. The banjo kid from Deliverance finally got some style!

  15. Darn it Steve I told you to take a deep breath and don’t clench!

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