Chicago Bulls 88, Indiana Pacers 84
Not from a “best first round series ever” standpoint, but from a “this could be a good rivalry going forward” standpoint, this series reminds me of Celtics/Bulls in 2009. Every game is close, one team is established and the other is trying to become that, and — this is the big one — things got rough last night, as the Pacers tried to knock down anyone within five feet of the basket. Fun series, and hopefully a fun rivalry going forward.

Miami Heat 100, Philadelphia 76ers 94
This has to be frustrating for Philly. Much like the Pacers, they keep getting leads but then losing to the better team. For whatever reason — bad shots sometimes, but mostly running in to good defense — they just hit patches where they can’t score. That’s got to be disheartening. But at least Doug Collins had a great quote about it: “I’m a moral person, but I don’t like moral victories.” Word aapp.

Portland Trail Blazers 97, Dallas Mavericks 92
Looks like Brandon Roy was totally right — he should be playing big minutes. At least last night. 16 points and four assists in 24 minutes, with a bunch of those hoops and dishes coming down the stretch. It was cool to watch, even if Portland won’t be able to count on it from game to game. For one night, at least, Brandon Roy was important again. Cool for him, cool for the Blazers.

(Programming note — No Fix today and only light posting, since it’s kind of a holiday. Just a heads up.)