For all his tattoos, preening and hilarious dunk contest attempts, we sometimes take for granted that Chris Andersen has the craziest hair in the NBA. It’s been like that for years, so we’re kind of used to it, but it’s seriously a six-inch high gelled fauxhawk that he does before every game to look “good.” It’s amazing.

That’s why this “Birdman” t-shirt from 4th and Forever works so well. It reminds us that even though we live in a world where a 6-foot-10 guy can have a 1980s hairdo without anyone batting an eye, Chris Anderson has a splendid coif. Sure, it’s overshadowed by the ink factory living beneath his skin, but it’s still incredible that this is something that exists. This shirt screams, “Hey, Chris Andersen has excellent hair and you need to notice it.” Loudly.

Not to mention, it’s fun to think of Chris Andersen as a blank canvas. That hasn’t been the case in years. But you can relive those great memories for just $20. Great deal, but hurry up. Tonight might be the last night we see Birdman and the Nuggets for a long time.