On today’s show, Skeets and Tas hit you with another edition of NBA Playoff Winners and Losers. Hot: Brandon Roy and the Blazers’ historic fourth-quarter comeback, MOTHERFUCKING CHRIS PAUL (again!), the Celtics’ brooms, Zach Randolph’s “All I Do Is Win” dance moves, and the Sacramento Kings’ good news. Not: L.A.’s rebounding, Wade’s final minute, Delonte West’s dangerous push, and the Orlando Magic’s laugh-out-loud shooting display. Enjoy, comment, and embrace the day.

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Comments (17)

  1. Two things:

    1. I’ve been told “All I Do Is Win” is by DJ Khaled. Sorry, Usher.

    2. We screwed up tonight’s schedule. It goes SAS/MEM, POR/DAL and OKC/DEN. Sorry, IND/CHI fans — you’re on Tuesday night.

  2. people ask why i watch a show that talks about dolphin sex and airplane toilets….

    and i tell them

    “For the Julius Hodge name drops”

    skeets FTW

  3. Great show, guys. We missed you on Good Friday.

  4. Guys, great show today. You guys now have fans in The Philippines!

  5. Once again Tas way too excited about Nothing… Great show… however this is the same chase from behind block that josh smith gets the contact just comes before the shot not after… Hawks game same thing happens but JS ends up sitting on the guy trying for the layup: Heres the video: http://youtu.be/bPRqD3PR9Zg

  6. BEST! PLAYOFFS! EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. And a mention of the Grizzlies Dance Team – which is hot – dirty hot. KTHXBYE.

  8. I might have to reconsider my assertion of lebron james being the best player in the league because when chris paul is on his game it’s really hard to choose one or the other. That being said i can’t see him playing at this high of a level for enough games as to beat the lakers in this series.

  9. the only game better than the blazers mavs this weekend was the 2010 Big East Tournament game which was in march with Syracuse upseting UConn in 6 overtimes.

  10. It’s T-Pain stupid ass, can’t you hear the auto-tune? It’s not, it’s all West games fools

  11. Skeets, lay off JJ Redick. To me, he is pretty clearly still not right coming back from injury. His conditioning is not where it needs to be yet, I’m sure his shot is rusty, but the big problem is that he looks slow and hesitant jumping. That seems to me to show that his abs are still hurting. If you have pain in your core when you jump, you are going to miss shots (and you aren’t going to be able to keep Crawford and Johnson from shooting). I understand why Stan Van is playing him, but he REALLY isn’t the same player he’s been this year and last year.

  12. Bill Simmons compared Dwights body language to LBJ’s from last year.

    What if the Lakers don’t repeat this year? How insane will the D12 to LA rumors get this summer?

  13. Lay off Zaza. He fouled Dwight to stop a lay up and Dwight Howard nailed him in the head by flailing his arm/elbow. So yes he was angry, but he didn’t get in Dwight’s face and he didn’t get in Jason Richardson’s face. He was heading off away from Dwight and Jason Richardson took it upon himself to run up on Zaza. His attempt to be tough escalated the situation. Zaza was wrong to head butt him, but why was Richardson in his face?

  14. Who’s been reading _Gravity’s Rainbow_? Applause.

  15. It wasn’t just yesterday, the Celtics looked damn good on Friday as well. This Heat series is going to be crazy.

    The Knicks should good about games 1, 2, and 4. I know the MSG crowd gave them a standing O after the game. The headlines and stuff…..that’s just the New York media being the New York media. They fought back hard yesterday.

    Tas, the D-West play is a tough one….I don’t see how you could think it wasn’t a play on the ball. It clearly was. But, obviously it’s dangerous. To me, it being a basketball play/play on the ball should be the key factor in determining the severity of the penalty.

  16. In soccer they give an automatic yelow card (tech foul) for a foul from behind, when the player cannot see what is about to happen.

    Still I don’t think it was such a bad foul, probably Fields not going up with enough force and really just utting a weak shot up led to West catching up with him and contesting from behind. Not a very clean play by any means, but Fileds should have recognised a defender coming full steam at him and bracing for an impact. And Stoudamire pushing and shoving relaly made it a bigger situation than it really was – just a hard playoff foul.

  17. Maybe that soccer thing is the solution. Seems like the only way to ensure that safety is not being compromised. But, I think it would be less exciting….fewer chasedown blocks.

    Again, I think if it’s a basketball play then it should just be a foul. But, that doesn’t do anything to prevent guys from getting hurt.

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