TBJ Top 5, featuring tall guys

Portland Trail Blazers at Dallas Mavericks
If the Blazers are going to win this series, they’ll obviously need to take a game in Dallas. For a team that finished the regular season five games below .500 on the road, this one seems like as good of an opportunity as any. After two emotional wins at home, a win here would be enormous.

San Antonio Spurs at Memphis Grizzlies
Never the prettiest games, but they have all come down to the fourth quarter. That’s fun. Here’s hoping that’s the case again. Heck, I’d even take another Zach Randolph three-ball if it’ll help the cause.

Oklahoma City Thunder at Denver Nuggets
Hey Nuggets, this was supposed to be one of the fun series. You need to win a game already. Do it tonight and all is forgiven. Please.

Apps and Zerts
Tre tres are great, but apps and zerts really make the meal.

Brown University Bullies
Bullying is usually not cool, but when you zing an actress who is famous for the “Harry Potter” franchise with “Three points for Gryffindor” when she answers a question correctly in class, I’m willing to let it slide. Good one, Brown University bullies.