We all saw Manu Ginobili injure his right elbow in the Spurs’ last regular season game in Phoenix. Coming around a screen, Ginobili’s right arm caught on Tim Duncan’s hip a split-second before Grant Hill came running through the space that was now occupied by Ginobili’s elbow, which isn’t supposed to bend that way. It was a gross looking injury because, as I just mentioned, elbows aren’t supposed to bend that way. We saw it happen live and we’ve rewatched the clip, just to make sure that what we were seeing really happened — the Spurs had lost their best player in a meaningless game.

Except not Tony Allen. He’s not buying it. From Sports Illustrated’s Chris Mannix:

“It’s for the birds.” [...] “Everybody is banged up,” Allen said. “You don’t see me running to my PR guy telling him about an injury.”

Amazing. Tony Allen, despite all the plaudits he’s received this season, remains delightfully loony.

It’s OK to say you don’t believe a guy’s hurt when it’s someone like Vince Carter who mysteriously falls to the floor for no apparent reason, but when it’s a guy like Manu Ginobili — who played through a broken nose with just a maxi-pad for protection — who was clearly hurt on a play that’s been replayed over and over, then it’s a very Tony Allen thing to say. Pretty hilarious, since he’s basically saying that play and that huge arm brace aren’t real.

Just a hunch, but I’m guessing he thinks the moon landing was faked, too.

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  1. Tony Allen is a dumbass. I would not be surprised if Spurs win by 20 tonight.

  2. C’mon Taco. He’s not saying Manu is injury-free. He’s saying that the Spurs play their “injuries” to the hilt, even though every team has guys playing with what could be called “injuries” if they chose to. Recall Tim Duncan’s ankle, Tony Parker’s calf, etc.–all spoken of with much rending of garments and gnashing of teeth as though portents of the end of days, and all run of the mill. Manu is no different. Trick or Treat’s just saying what everybody else knows.

    That said, sri is correct in saying that this may give unnecessary motivation to the Spurs.

  3. Tony Allen will kick Ginobli (aka – the flopper) all over the court tonight. Whine, whine, whine. Duncan, Ginobli, Pop. That’s all the Spurs do. If the Grizz acted like Duncan, we would have been T’ed up and thrown out. But I guess you can get away with those theatrics if you are a superstar pansy waist.

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