The Knicks were eliminated from the playoffs yesterday. Since the game took place at Madison Square Garden, we had a chance to check in with some New York luminaries to get their thoughts on the season.

Now, I’m Ad-Rock / And I shock / Get busy with the Blu-Blocks
Who block? / You block / The orange and the blue rocked
Square like the Garden / No beard / James Harden
Keep my face clean / With Elizabeth Arden

Am I going to have to make a boring movie about this? Am I? Am I? Am I? I’m talking about a 40-hour doc about what the Knicks mean to New York City in a post-Katrina, post-9/11, post-Carmelo world. John Turturro’s down to do a talking head spot. Probably get Danny Aiello, too. Do you know what the Knicks mean to this city. Do you know? Do you know? Do you know?

(smarmily) No, I’m not really much of a Knick fan. I’m here as a favor to HBO to promote “Bored to Death.” I’d rather be playing music, honestly.

Giiiiiirl, the Knicks are done. D-O-N-E, done. Yes, I am a lawyer!

(silently shakes head in disapproval)

This is an impression of an obese Knicks fan who doesn’t understand the difference between Caramello and Carmelo: (in a Southern accent) “I’d really like me one a them Carmelo Anthony bars.”

This is an impression of a 5-year-old after the Knicks lost: (yelling like a toddler) “The Knicks WOST?!?! I don’t WIKE when da Knicks wose. This is so dumb and stupid and I HATE da Knicks.”

This is an impression of a hipster Knicks fan who doesn’t know anything about basketball: “Oh, please. The Knicks were waaaaaay better when they had Jerome Williams.”

(somehow loses pants)

I swear to you these are our seats, sir. No, really we can afford them. You don’t recognize me? Matthew Modine? The actor? No, I didn’t play young Jeff Bridges in “Tron: Legacy.” I was in “Flowers for Algernon” and my wife here was the drummer for Lenny Kravitz. I promise you, sir, these are real tickets.