If Chris Paul’s momma ended up guarding him on a switch, he’d cross her up too.

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  1. Like a matador on MDMA tormenting a lanky bull

  2. This looks like a cartoon.

  3. cant wait till hes playing for the knicks and you all start hating on paul

  4. I think Bynum forced Paul into a pretty tough high arcing fadeaway, though Paul did make him look ridiculous. Also, it appears to me that CP3 may have double-dribbled. Look carefully at the clip around the :15 second mark, where Paul changes direction from left to right at the top of the lane, just before going into his shooting motion. As the ball appears to the left of his body, both of his hands seem to be touching it simultaneously. Maybe.

  5. Yeah, I really don’t see what Paul did in this clip that was so good. Bynum played him damn well and that shot was a tough shot. Good D, better O.

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