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This isn’t Quentin Richardson’s first dunk since his Clipper days, but it just might be his first memorable dunk since way back when. And — you’ll have to trust me on this since this clip cuts off a few seconds too early — he definitely busted out the head-bop on the sidelines, only with Chris Duhon subbing for Darius Miles. Just as awesome as you’d imagine.

New Orleans Hornets at Los Angeles Lakers
Maybe it’s just me, but this series is even more surprising than the Grizzlies and Spurs. Probably because Aaron Gray is actually doing important stuff.

Indiana Pacers at Chicago Bulls
Pacers coach Frank Vogel says, “We feel like if we win this game tonight, we’ll win the series.” The Bulls are like, “Us too.”

Atlanta Hawks at Orlando Magic
This is going to be the most hilarious game of the night. Either the Magic lose and people have some laughs about that. Or the Hawks blow things in spectacular fashion, which is also giggle-worthy. Either way, we’re the big winners.

Today Now!
This interview with the 5-year-old screenwriter of “Fast Five” is truly insightful. It’s short but those few minutes will really get you excited for Friday.

24-minute Naps
For whatever reason, this seems like the perfect nap length. Those four extra minutes allow you to get settled in, then you get to enjoy a full 20-minute snooze. It’s like preheating an oven.

Ron Artest

It used to be hip to say that Ron Artest was “complicated” or “misunderstood” and based on what we know now about him, those were accurate statements. With today’s announcement that Ron Artest is the 2010-11 winner of the J. Walter Kennedy Citizenship Award — an annual award given to an NBA player, coach, or trainer who demonstrates “outstanding service and dedication to the community” — it’s clear that perception has caught up with reality. Ron-Ron is a good dude with a giant heart who just happens to have a few issues.

Artest launched himself into the forefront of mental health advocacy when he thanked his psychiatrist in an interview right after the Lakers clinched the 2010 NBA title. Since then, he’s spent much of his free time raising awareness of the importance of mental health programs for children. Even more impressively, he raised over $500,000 for his Xcel University charity for young people with mental health issues by raffling off his championship ring, and he has pledged most of his 2010-11 salary of approximately $6.2 million to help bring psychologists into schools.

Thanks to his own therapy sessions, Artest has been a model citizen and teammate since he joined the Lakers and his passion for helping other people benefit from professional psychotherapy is why he is an ideal recipient of this year’s award. Furthermore, I think the basketball writing community can do its part to show him the respect he’s earned by never again mentioning “that night” in articles about him. It’s clear he deserves better than that.

“We’re playing like a bunch of wussies.”Antonio McDyess, who hasn’t seen a team roll over like this since France in World War II

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Besides the many accolades and millions of dollars, you really know you’re on a different path than most 22-year-olds when your decision to wear a backpack spawns hundreds of tweets, questions and comments about your fashion choice.

Fashion choice? Kevin Durant was wearing a damn bookbag because he felt like it. All right? At least, that’s what he told us almost immediately after he finished his postgame presser and had his phone and @ mentions column blown up by people critiquing his choice to go college kid and stay strapped into his backpack as he sat down to talk with the media.

The fun part of Twitter: Having a discussion about backpack vs. bookbag at 2:30 a.m. all because the NBA’s leading scorer wore one in his press conference. For the record, I’m with Durant and am on #teambookbag.

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You have probably been wondering what’s the dillio with your favorite NBA players and/or owners with regards to how they stay hydrated and what they do when they have become sufficiently hydrated. That is a totally normal thing to worry about, so no big deal.

But enough about wondering — let’s get in to some hot hydration talk. First up, LeBron James, who is very thirsty. From ESPN (via PBT):

James has a new sidekick these days — a gallon jug filled with water that he tugs around just about wherever he goes. James vows to drink those fluids every day during the playoffs, usually before practices, and even after games start. It is a routine he began several years ago in the postseason, an effort to increase hydration.

“Playoff sweat is different than regular season sweat,” James said Thursday morning as he grabbed his jug, by then about 60 percent empty, on his way to the Heat’s bus following shootaround at the Wells Fargo Center.

“It’s not always easy to drink it all but I think it helps.”

Cool. Good to know that LeBron is really thirsting for a championship. That after a seven-year championship drought, he’s planted the seeds of success and is now watering them and watching them bloom. Other water puns of this nature.

But really, Nike should file away “Playoff sweat is different than regular season sweat” for a future ad campaign, because that is just a golden explosion of veteran savvy. And speaking of golden explosions — that’s what we call a segue in the blog biz — here’s Mark Cuban’s latest run-in with drinking stuff. From ESPN, but a different part:

It was an ominous defeat for a franchise that has suffered its share, including the infamous Game 3 debacle in the 2006 Finals to the Miami Heat. Less than seven minutes away from taking a 3-0 lead, Dallas coughed up a 13-point cushion and lost four consecutive games.

Back then, Dwyane Wade did the damage. Saturday night it was Portland guard Brandon Roy, who scored 18 points in the remarkable fourth quarter, including the game-winner with 39.2 seconds to play. Cuban left his seat behind the bench soon after, but he said he didn’t leave out of disgust, but rather a full bladder after drinking several Diet Cokes.

“Trust me, emotions didn’t have anything to do with it,” Cuban said. “You can ask the lady who was feeding me Cokes.”

There you go. Mark Cuban didn’t skip out on the Mavs because he was sad they were blowing a big lead, it was because he had to make some yellow. Understandable, even if that’s a classic case of bad bladder management. Everyone knows you have to go peeps before the fourth quarter so you don’t miss anything good. Come on, Mark Cuban. That is not the kind of leadership your team needs. Get it together, man.

Now you are all up-to-date on the latest and greatest drinking/peeing news in the NBA. Thanks for enjoying this valuable update. Come back next week when we talk about poops.

Chris Andersen is like, “I’ll leave the math to Kenyon. I’ll stick to what I do best — blocking shots then looking crazy afterward. I am VERY good at that.”