I understand the sentiment — that this lady supports Brandon Roy and all he means to the Portland franchise, even though his knees have been replaced with Colombian decaffeinated coffee crystals — but does she really have to bring up bad knees with regards to the Trail Blazers? I thought we were in agreement to not talk about knees and the Trail Blazers unless we had to. Just one of those topics to leave alone as much as possible.

This is like bringing a “Second place is still pretty good” sign to a 1990s Buffalo Bills game. Or a “Who needs Slash when you’ve got red cornrows?” sign to a Guns N’ Roses concert. You get the point.

But to answer her question — Greg Oden, Brandon Roy, Marcus Camby, Jeff Pendergraph, Elliot Williams, Joel Przybilla and Aryvdas Sabonis could all use good knees. Thanks for asking.