On today’s NBA Playoff Fix, Skeets and Tas weigh in on last night’s three games — Spurs/Grizzlies, Blazers/Mavs and THUNDERNUGGETS! Topics include: Memphis smellin’ San Ant blood, Pop’s “desperate” Tiago Splitter move, Tony Parker’s turnovers, “momentum,” Tyson Chandler’s table setting, what’s wrong with LMA, (Bad) Russell Westbrook’s shot selections, “Choose Your Own Adventure” books, and sleep deprivation.

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Comments (12)

  1. the spurs playing hard while DOWN 18 shows who the better team is? lol

    skeeters, i know you’re down on momentum, but what about the swagger momentum. the grizzlies, for example, have momentum psychologically, they see a tired spurs team that plays and sounds defeated. in my opinion that gives you momentum.

  2. @guhzelle
    he’s saying that the huge lead wasn’t because the spurs just gave up, and that they were still playing hard just shows how much Memphis is outplaying them.

  3. That is what I was saying, Brian. Thanks for clarifying the point. BJ Army on patrol.

  4. FYI Tas, If Grizz win, they play Lakers..not Thunder in the second round.

  5. DEE, there’s no re-seeding in the NBA. It’s a bracket. Winner of 1-8 plays winner of 4-5, and so on. You got me thinking for a sec.

  6. Did you guys see Michael Wilbon’s comments toward Westbrook. Me and a couple of my friend’s have been saying this about Westbrook. He wants to be the superstar/hero because he is a young player. Hes got that Melo kinda vibe where he thinks hes the bigshot game ender when in reality it’s Durant.

    What do you guys think?

  7. o and im def not knockin Westbrook. The Thunder are one of my favorite teams.

  8. Nice catch on the Battier during the first half.

    Calling Miami in round 3 already?? They haven’t even secured their place in round 2 yet! Once they do, that’s going to be a battle royale.

  9. no ones making a big deal of the grizzlies being up 3-1 over the spurs because a) no one cares about either team other than their fans and 2) no one respected the spurs record or the team before the playoffs started, so no one is that surprised (other than spurs fans).

    and as a spurs fan myself, i really didn’t expect this. i knew memphis were a matchup problem, but i didn’t think they would cause this much trouble. i have to disagree with the notion that its not the spurs who are losing but the grizz who are winning – the spurs were playing like shit over the final quarter of the season, but no one noticed because, as above, no one cared about the team outside of us fans. credit to memphis, but all they really have done is expose the problems that were already there. things had derailed before this series started.

    and i know you hate richard jefferson tas, but while his point production hasn’t been great, he has at least been putting in effort, unlike some *cough*tonyparker*cough*

    • I was actually calling for more Richard Jefferson at the start of this series. Guy was rebounding and providing energy – he just had a bad game in game 4. Dick comments when the Nets played the Raptors during the postseason of ’07 aside, I don’t mind RJ. I wanted to see him succeed after opting out and taking less money last offseason.

  10. Is it really so certain that Portland is going to win game six? The way I see it, Dallas was the better team for the vast majority of the series. Their two losses were way closer than their wins. And they know exactly what they have to do to win. I call Mavs in six. They’re the better team.

  11. I was upset with Westbrook for the way he played in game 4. And there might actually be something to Wilbon’s comments.

    A play that really bothered me toward the end of that game with the Thunder down 2 had Kevin Durant on the wing with Raymond Felton guarding him. Now Durant could do just about anything he wanted against Felton – back him down, drive and shoot over him, or shoot over him on the perimeter, draw a double team. Regardless, a good shot attempt would most likely be the end result.
    What happened instead however, is Durant passed it back to Westbrook at the top of the key, where the much worse 3pt shooter proceeded to jack up a much more contested 3.

    So I don’t know if it’s Westbrook feeling like he’s the one that should be the hero, or Durant being to passive and deferring, but KD needs to be the guy that demands the ball in his hands in those situations.

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