Read enough internet basketball website blogs and you’re bound to stumble across a discussion on the relative efficiency of a player. In fact, there are lots of blogs nowadays that focus solely on presenting various efficiency stats, oftentimes simply repeating these numbers without any other semblance of an argument. Efficiency is the new style, and that’s why everybody keeps on talking about it.

However, you don’t often hear players talk about efficiency. Sure, sometimes a team will mention in postgame interviews that they played efficiently or something along those lines, but it’s usually not a big topic of discussion. And it’s definitely not usually used to zing other players.

Until now. Kenyon Martin, he of the world’s best Zaza Pachulia burn, spoke up about Russell Westbrook (30 points on 30 shots) after last night’s Nuggets win. In doing so, he ushered in an era of efficiency insults that will surely take the NBA by storm. From the AP:

“He took how many?” Martin asked when told of Westbrook’s shooting night. “We’ll take that. If he can get 30 up and miss 18 of them, we’ll take that. We’ll take that every day.”

Oh snap, Russell Westbrook. Ya burnt. Efficiently. True Burn Rating of 1.0, which is perfect.

Not to mention, Kenyon Martin has a Totally Right Percentage of 100 (he is totally right). Westbrook has attempted 30 or more shots three times in his career, and the Thunder have lost two of those games. You are not going to believe this, but when one guy shoots nearly half of the team’s shots, the team doesn’t do very well. In fact, over the last 10 years, playoff teams that have had a player attempt 30 or more shots have won just 45 percent of their games. Maybe those teams didn’t have a chance if they didn’t have a guy shooting all the time, but they still didn’t win a lot.

And that’s what really makes this Kenyon Martin zing so special. Not only is it an innovative way of disparaging an opponent, it’s entirely based in truth. Here’s to a new world chock full of well-researched stats-based insults. Watch your back, Stephen Jackson.