New Orleans Hornets at Los Angeles Lakers
Maybe it’s just me, but this series is even more surprising than the Grizzlies and Spurs. Probably because Aaron Gray is actually doing important stuff.

Indiana Pacers at Chicago Bulls
Pacers coach Frank Vogel says, “We feel like if we win this game tonight, we’ll win the series.” The Bulls are like, “Us too.”

Atlanta Hawks at Orlando Magic
This is going to be the most hilarious game of the night. Either the Magic lose and people have some laughs about that. Or the Hawks blow things in spectacular fashion, which is also giggle-worthy. Either way, we’re the big winners.

Today Now!
This interview with the 5-year-old screenwriter of “Fast Five” is truly insightful. It’s short but those few minutes will really get you excited for Friday.

24-minute Naps
For whatever reason, this seems like the perfect nap length. Those four extra minutes allow you to get settled in, then you get to enjoy a full 20-minute snooze. It’s like preheating an oven.