Memphis Grizzlies 104, San Antonio Spurs 86
It is funny enough that a Spurs team with their best record since 2006 is on the verge of being eliminated in the first round of the playoffs by the Memphis Grizzlies. That’s fairly hilarious (“fairlarious”) in its own right. But it’s even funnier to me that every time something happens in this series, it’s a historical landmark. This time, the AP went with “Grizzlies grab 1st ever 3-1 series lead over Spurs.” It’s the most accurate statement ever. Even if they lose the next game, the headline will be something like “Grizzlies lead 3-2 for first time in franchise history.” Makes me giggle.

Dallas Mavericks 93, Portland Trail Blazers 82
This series has to go to seven games, considering neither team can win on the other’s floor. Including the regular season, the Mavericks are 5-0 in Dallas and 0-4 in Portland. No need to even watch the next game, since you already know what’s going to happen. Also, this line from the AP recap is great: “Roy was booed when he first went into the game, but fans seemed to lose interest in him.” Good info.

Denver Nuggets 104, Oklahoma City Thunder 101
Did Russell Westbrook get fouled on that last shot? Hard to tell, but I’d say the answer is no, at least in the playoffs. That’s a very Denver Nuggets thing to do though, running right next to a guy taking a desperation shot while flailing your arms. I understand trying to make an impossible shot even harder, but be a little more careful, geez.