That just-ended Bulls/Pacers series was quite the rough-and-tumble tussle, wasn’t it? Four close games, two point guards with sprained ankles, a handful of flagrant fouls and last night — thanks to Joakim Noah — an ejection for Pacers big man Josh McRoberts. It was a very fun series, but that “thanks to Joakim Noah” part has at least one Pacer all riled up.

You see, Danny Granger was a little upset the way Joakim Noah irritated McRoberts to the point of ejection and even more so when he did the same thing to Tyler Hansbrough, who got away with just a technical. What was Noah doing exactly? Just being Joakim Noah, basically. And that’s enough to draw Granger’s ire, so much so that the Pacers star tried to get in Noah’s face after the final buzzer, only to be thwarted by Tom Thibodeau.

Afterward, he was still pretty upset. From the Daily Herald:

“Joakim Noah, he’s a dirty player,” Granger said. “Honestly. He elbowed two of my power forwards. One got kicked out. The other got a tech and nothing’s called on him.

“I don’t think there’s a place in the game for it. You can make hard fouls and everything, but when you start elbowing people in the face, that’s when fights start breaking out.”

And from ESPN:

“He pulled a cowardly move,” Granger said. “He cheap-shotted a couple of my teammates, and one gets thrown out …

“The refs never catch what he did … it’s cowardly. And I’m going to say something about it. I wanted to say something about it all the way to the game was over. I just don’t think the game should be played that way. You can play hard and fight and battle, but when you start cheap-shotting people it gets out of hand.”

OK, fair enough, Danny Granger. This is America and the Bill of Rights protects your freedom of speech, so you are more than entitled to your opinion. On the other hand, c’mon son.

Complaining about elbows to the face and cheap shots after Josh McRoberts and Jeff Foster did the same thing? That’s just silly. It’d be like if the Heat complained about some team throwing a championship celebration before the season started, or Vin Diesel complaining that someone keeps making the same movie over and over. I don’t want to say it’s hypocritical, but there’s not really a better word for it.

Not to mention, it’s the playoffs. Hard fouls happen, tempers flare and things get rougher. The idea of “manning up” and having to take hard fouls is pretty stupid, but it’s also a well-established tradition in the NBA. Once the playoff starts, people start getting hit in the face, which is why the flagrant foul was invented — to keep things from getting too 1989 Pistons. For a guy who plays on a team with a coach who called Jeff Foster’s flagrants “good, clean playoff fouls” to complain about cheap shots is a big disingenuous.

Plus, neither McRoberts nor Hansbrough are complaining, with McRoberts even going so far as to say, “I’m not going to say it’s dirty. That’s Game 5 of a playoff series. You can’t say it’s dirty, it’s part of basketball.” When a guy’s teammates disagree with him, that’s saying something.

Oh, and the “nothing’s called on him” part isn’t even true. Noah got a T for his mixup with Hansbrough. Wrong again, Danny Granger.

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  1. remember when Noah got mad at LeBron dancing in 2009?

    it’s funny how things change when you’re playing a 37 win team

  2. rite danny granger, Noah is a dirty player.

    r u serious this is comin from a dude who plays wit Jeff Foster who had not one but TWO flagrants thrown on him in one game. It’s just an excuse for them losing. Danny Granger cant take his team any farther then round 1 so he’s bitching about non calls.

  3. @Kingkong

    you do realize that Lebron dancing is a completely different scenerio rite?

  4. @kingkong

    Show boating is not the same thing as playoff physicality.

    Be smarter please.

  5. F* the Bulls. They ain’t gonna win the big thing anyway.

  6. Kyley B,

    Excellent feedback.

  7. This will probably get blown up by the American media because its a great story for Joakim the crazy arse european/french/swedish dude playing dirty in the nba… sigh..

  8. Rafael, u mad the pacers made your bulls look like the drose + scrubs?

  9. Granger is so… lame :-/

    If I was a Pacers fan I’d be happy about the season and the serie. Jekill and Hyde season, yes, but so full of promises. And they showed a more than decent fight with the Bulls.

    But as a Pacers fan I’d wish they forget about Granger and focus on the young ones….

  10. Granger is just mad about losing. I’m a Bulls fan (watch all the games on CSN just so I can hear the homers) and I figure this is a case where the microphones were out too early. I’m sure Granger wishes he didn’t say it, especially if McRoberts didn’t think it was dirty. In the end it was am ugly series to watch and I can’t wait to see the Hawks.

  11. The pacers didn’t make the bulls look like scrubs. The pacers made t he bulls look like what they are. For starers, the bulls are a team that takes the first half off. It’s been demonstrated throughout the season/post season. Lastly, the bulls are a team that plays down to the level of Inferior competition. Emphasis on the word inferior. Hey pacers fans, 3 months from now, tell me how successful the free agency period will be(enjoy being the 8th seed for the foreseeable future).

  12. Oh I KNOW you did not just forget about Vin Diesel in “The Pacifier”?! Thass RANGE, mang!

  13. Granger is just struggling to act as the ‘leader’ of the team. It’s been a problem for him throughout this season. He seems to associate leadership with being crazily aggressive (like saying he would have ‘taken Barbosa’s head off’).

    Still, as a Pacers fan, he has a decent year and sticking around for so long at a losing, small market franchise deserves a lot of credit. Hopefully this and next season will reward him (and Pacer fans) with playoff basketball and further improvements.

  14. hey trey, don’t steal images from blog a bull and then slap a “TBJ” label on it.

  15. Can’t tell you’re a Bulls fan at all. Nope. Just straight-arrow blogging here.

  16. @anorexorcist

    trey’s got a question for you

  17. ohshit. im going to go cry in a corner right now. sorry trey.

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