Kobe Bryant had a huge dunk last night. The kind of dunk that makes you think Kobe’s young again, that he’s still got a lot left in the tank and that his bothersome ankle isn’t going to be any trouble throughout the playoffs. That one-hander was like watching a vintage Kobe clip, only it happened in 2011.

But to hear Kobe Bryant tell it, it was nothing. From the AP:

“I just had a lane to the basket,” Bryant said. “It looked like he was going to challenge me at the rim, and I decided to accept the challenge.”

OK, fine. No big deal then. Just a 32-year-old with a bad ankle dunking on a guy who averaged nearly two blocks a game this season. Forget we mentioned it. Boring anyways.

Besides, Kobe’s probably has a bunch of dunks like that saved up, right?

“They’re not saved dunks. I don’t have much of those left.”

Oh, right. Forgot he’s an old guy in the midst of his 15th professional season. He’s probably used up most of his dunks. Should have thought of that.

But still, his ankle was hurt. So this is still pretty impressive.

“That’s what he does,” said Monty Williams, the Hornets’ frustrated coach. “All this talk about his ankle. Did it look like his ankle was hurting? OK then.”

Aww, phooey. No hurt ankle then either? Geez.

Well, nevermind, guys. This dunk is just a totally boring moment. Sorry I mentioned it.