TBJ Top 5, featuring the end?

Memphis Grizzlies at San Antonio Spurs
Theoretically, this could be the last game we see from the Spurs for this season. But considering Memphis’ 16-25 road record, I wouldn’t be on it. Then again, I wouldn’t have bet they’d take Game 1 in San Antonio either, and look how that turned out.

Denver Nuggets at Oklahoma City Thunder
Then there’s this — a bad road team in the Nuggets takes on a good home team in the Thunder, in Oklahoma City. Not saying the Nuggdawgs can’t pull it out, but I’m expecting OKC to have a few days off after this one. Because they closed out the series.

Philadelphia 76ers at Miami Heat
If the Sixers can get another 27-footer from Louis Williams and another barely-block from Elton Brand in the last few seconds of this game, they can win it. Otherwise, not so sure.

Turkish Men Dancing
Watch this and tell me this isn’t the best thing ever.

Being On the Phone Because Someone in Connecticut Started a Cable Account In Your Name
Just kidding. This sucks. Never do this.