Yep, looks OK. Right, Emeka?

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  1. I love how Kobe manufactured his own storyline – refusing to do the MRI, gingerly walking around at tip-off and then using that energy we all know he’s conserving on these dunks

    it’s such a Kobe thing to do

  2. Hmm, when you sprain an ankle, aren’t you supposed to go with the high tops rathern than low cut kicks? Weird, always thought the other way round… still he does this with the low cuts.

  3. This Video is private.

  4. @Stefan, kobe and Nike switched to low tops with the Kobe zoom IV I believe. He has worn them since sprain or no sprain.

    Also, kobe’s got that ankle insurance, remember?

  5. Genie, yeah I know, I just figured he’d switch with the bad ankle and all :)

  6. I wish the refs wistled Okafor for that downward swipe at the ball and Kobe, and let him soak up the cheers from the crowd :))

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