Orlando Magic 101, Atlanta Hawks 76
I had lunch with my dad yesterday — bagels, if you were wondering — and we got to talking about the playoffs, because that’s what we do. The Hawks/Magic series came up and I told him that if there were ever a team tailor-made to blow a 3-1 series lead, it’s the Hawks. He couldn’t agree more. This is Exhibit A in that theory, a 25-point loss in a close-out game where two of Orlando’s starters hit the pine within seven minutes of the tip. Not so good, Atlanta.

Chicago Bulls 116, Indiana Pacers 89
Finally, the Bulls. All they have to do is get five threes a game from Keith Bogans — something he did last night for the second time in a month-and-a-half — and they’ll be fine. Totally fine.

Los Angeles Lakers 106, New Orleans Hornets 90
Six Lakers in double-figures, a 42-25 rebounding advantage for L.A. and zero points in 14 minutes for Aaron Gray. Basically, if you’d have asked anyone how this series would go, a game like this is what they’d describe. Series goes back to New Orleans on Thursday, and that’s where things can get wacky.

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  1. It took four games for the Lakers to look like the Lakers, but holy hell. In the second half, they LOOKED LIKE THE LAKERS. If they use their length to control the paint on D like that, there still isn’t a team that can beat them without having an unconscious shooting night. Cannot WAIT for the Thunder-Lakers series.

  2. Bagels for lunch? That’s whack.

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