No matter how often you play pickup basketball, no matter how good your rec league is, and no matter what level you played at, there’s no way to know what playing an NBA game is like without doing it. 48 minutes of up-and-down physicality with the greatest athletes in the world, plus Brian Cardinal. It’s impossible to understand, unless you’ve done it.

But that’s not stopping Stan Van Gundy from educating everyone about the rigors of an NBA game. Specifically, one of Dwight Howard’s games. SVG broke down what it’s like to play as Dwight Howard in a postgame press conference last night.

I have said, for the people — like you guys in the media — that want to be critical of him: Go run on the treadmill for 40 minutes [that] he plays every night, and every two or three minutes, I’m going to hit you as hard as I can upside the head, OK? And what I want you to do is, keep running and don’t react at all. Don’t react. Don’t say anything to me, don’t look at me wrong, don’t hit me back, don’t do anything. I just get to whack you as hard as I want every three minutes.

Ummm, no thanks.

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  1. Bad analogy.

    There are plenty of breaks (FTs, timeouts, quarter endings, bench time)

    Plus, adrenaline.

    Not saying it doesn’t suck, but it’s not the same. Look, D12 lead the League in fouls called, and FT attempts. It’s not like he’s getting robbed.

    He also lead the league in techs. and that’s silly.

  2. Rafael-
    That’s an argument that doesn’t hold water. Just because he shoots more than everyone else does not mean he ought not be shooting more. Even more to the point, how damn hard would it be to keep your cool. I play pick-up and get upset when I have a 35 year old hit my arm. The idea that this guy is better than everyone else and therefore can take the beating seems to be the kinda thinking that takes away from the quality of the game.

  3. It’s tough, but if you pay me $20 million a year you can hit me as hard as you want in a 40 minute span. I’ll swing my massive elbows at you too because Dwight seems to think that’s a part of the rules as well.

  4. I agree the guy is the hardest hit NBA player of our age. He has improved his game a lot and I love that as a Lakers fan. ;-) ;-)

  5. To add to Bo’s point, Stan Van is saying that it’s absurd that there aren’t more flagrants called when people hit Dwight above the shoulders. He’s implying that Dwight might be able to stay more in control of himself if the refs protected him better with the flagrant rule.

  6. That picture is ridiculous!!! Someone call 911….

  7. He’s getting paid lots, but I doubt Stan Van would care as much if everyone else who was getting paid a tonne got the same lack of flagrant calls. It’s because it’s unfair only Dwight goes through this at this point in time.

  8. Hah, I just cannot stop the amazement from this pic…. We’ve all seen it but this looks extra spicy :)) Hahah

  9. Foul calling in general is horrible in the NBA. I hate when someone says, “you have to earn the respect of the officials” to get them to call fouls. FUCK THAT. EITHER IT’S A FOUL, OR IT’S NOT. DOESN’T MATTER WHO THE FUCK IT IS. NBA REFS ARE HORRIBLE. If I foul Kobe one game, and do the exact same thing the next game to Dwight Howard, it should be a foul too, but NBA refs lack consistency. It pisses me off so much!! Why aren’t more coaches and players complaining about this bullshit?

  10. Because they’re getting fined…..

  11. yeah, well that’s pocket change to these guys….and you’d think that if enough people complained, a change would be made….there’s strength in numbers my friend (even against David Stern)

  12. No question the officiating is inconsistent and I think the league would benefit from some younger refs being worked into the rotation more often.

    However, I think this is the hardest sport to officiate. It’s the least clear cut. You can’t call a foul every single time there’s contact. And, it happens really fast. I’ve only officiated high schoolers, and it’s tough to always get that exactly right. I can’t imagine with these guys.

    I’m not saying it doesn’t need to get better. I’m just saying that I don’t think every call is as black and white as is being suggested here.

  13. Nick L. – I don’t think for a moment anyone is suggesting that; just that Howard’s getting beat up, often with absolutely no intention of playing the ball, and the refs aren’t enforcing the rules.

    People whine about ticky tack, 50/50 calls all the time and nobody takes that seriously, but Howard is getting assaulted and the refs won’t call it. It’s nonsense.

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