Kevin Durant made two big-time plays in the last 15 seconds of last night’s Game 5 victory over the Nuggets, both of which you can see above. First, he made a super-soft 18-footer that no 6-foot-10 guy has any right making. Then, on the other end of the court, Durant got a hand on J.R. Smith’s game-tying attempt. Not a bad five seconds for the Oklahoma City swingman.

Even better, the win means the Thunder get a chance to rest while they wait to see whether they play the Spurs or Grizzlies. In fact, you might think that Durant’s late game performance happened because he knew that winning the game for his team would mean a little added edge in their next series. After all, the guy’s a great leader and he’s well aware what’s best for his team.

Nope, none of that. He just didn’t want to go back to that icky Denver weather. From the AP:

“We willed ourselves to victory,” Durant said. “One thing that was going through my mind is like, `I don’t go back to Denver because it would be tough to win in there. I just don’t want to go back.’

“It was cold, it was raining, the fans said some not so nice words to us. We just didn’t want to go back.”

Ha. Excellent reasoning. Cold weather is no fun, so why not make a couple incredible plays in crunch time to avoid having to wear all kinds of sweatshirts? Sounds logical to me.

Of course, the weather in Denver and the weather in Oklahoma City are pretty much the same, so I guess there’s a chance that there may have been some other reasons why Durant would want to win last night’s game. But for the life of me, I can’t come up with any scenarios that make as much sense as steering clear of bad weather.

With that in mind, you have to wonder who Durant wants to see in the next round. It’s going to be warmer in San Antonio, but less rainy in Memphis. Considering the Thunder were 0-4 against the Spurs and 1-3 against the Grizzlies, things seem about even. Guess he’ll have to find some other totally extraneous reason to decide which team he wants to play.

Allow me to suggest local rap groups he’d like to hear blaring out of cars on the streets, in which case Memphis is the obvious choice.