Well, that was a bit better than Tuesday night’s action, no? Jesus. On today’s NBA Playoff Fix, Skeets and Tas are giddy about Wednesday’s three incredible games: the Grizzlies-Spurs overtime thriller, Durantula’s insane fourth quarter takeover, and the Sixers valiant fight against the Heat’s new Big Three: Chris Bosh, Mario Chalmers and Joel Anthony. Lots to talk about, friends. Chime in below.

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Comments (18)

  1. Hey Skeets, in a situation like you were describing, Magic Johnson threw the ball high in the air and across the court so they he couldn’t get fouled against Portland in the playoffs (’91, I think).

  2. i remember wade doing that to kill time in a game a couple years ago

    seems risky though

  3. Undermining his coach and acting like an asshole is probably the only leadership LeBron is capable of. Celtics in 5.

  4. That Mo Pete three – the craziest fucking thing I’ve ever seen.

  5. As a Blazers fan I remember the moment Chris brought up well:


    You’re right Skeets, it’s surprising to only have seen this once in the last 20 years.

  6. Who else is excited for the Royal Wedding?!? They are soooo cute :)
    William’n'Kate 4Ever <3

  7. Oh snap. Wrong website.

  8. why is he called “poo god”?

  9. Prediction, Pop and Duncan retire together next season. Go Blazers!

  10. Good show, what a night! Magic vs Hawks is going to 7 games. Mavs over the Blazers. Lakers over the Hornets.

  11. Actually they explained it (the Poo God) in the 500 episode live-show I believe.

    They have a friend who has a buddah statue in his toilets, and when they asked him about that, he said “It’s Manuuure, the Poo God”…

    It sticked.

  12. great show from a night of great basketball
    farewell to the hardfighting sixers and the nuggets who have a bright future

  13. I’m glad you guys aren’t going soft on the Heat like everyone else. I keep hearing the Celtics rough first two games brought up. Keep hearing about how they only won two by a lot because the Knicks were banged up. It’s not like the Heat have been all that impressive. Really only in game 2.

    It’s going to be a great series.

  14. Also, Philly fans, that last comment I wrote was not a knock on the Sixers. I also praised the Knicks on here on Monday. Like the Knicks, I thought the Sixers played really hard.

    I just don’t feel like Miami did anything more impressive than Boston so far.

    Agree 1 million percent on the Bosh/Garnett thing. Go to Garnett early. The time between now and Sunday is going to feel like an eternity, particularly because I think there’s only one game on Friday night.

  15. Thank you Skeets. My friends and I have long discussed throwing the ball up in here to kill the clock.

    In fact in the Butler/Florida Elite 8 game Ronald Nored (Butler) threw the ball in the air and down the court to end the game.

  16. nuggs got jobbed last night, but don’t fucking mention it.
    game one, too. nba took it back, but whatevs.
    this series is 2-2, fuck kd, russell westbrook their fucking henchman, d stern.

  17. Throwing the ball into the stands = Suspension, I believe. If you chuck it up in the air, you run the risk of the ball drifting into the stands.

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