Los Angeles Lakers at New Orleans Hornets
Feels like this is going to be the last time to watch Chris Paul for a while, so you should really tune in. The cool part is, if we get a vintage Chris Paul performance, there’ll probably be another one to watch this weekend. So, it’s like double good, even though Phil Jackson apparently hates New Orleans.

Dallas Mavericks at Portland Trail Blazers
Portland’s at home, so they’ll probably win. But Dallas is just a little better, so they’ll probably win. Going to be a tie, I guess.

Orlando Magic at Atlanta Hawks
Can those dummy idiot birdbrains from Atlanta close this thing out? Who knows, but it’ll be hilarious watching them try.

Cadbury Cream Egg McFlurry
Even though the few mentions I’ve heard on the Internet say that this delicious dessert treat is nothing special, I still want to try it. I mean, ice cream is great and so are Cadbury Cream Eggs, so putting them together seems like a great idea. Too bad you have to go to the United Kingdom to try one.

El Clásico, Animated
Even if you don’t like soccer, this is excellent.