I am equally as surprised that Kareem Abdul-Jabbar isn’t wearing one of his “Skyhook” shirts as I am that Carl’s Jr. didn’t think to have Olivia Munn facing the camera. Bit of a waste, ad geniuses.

Funnily enough, it is the exact opposite amount of surprise that I have that Kareem Abdul-Jabbar would appear in a Carl’s Jr. commercial. That guy’ll do anything if the price is right.

Those fringed leather jackets don’t pay for themselves, you know?

(via Complex)

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  1. Guess Barkley was right about Kareem and his money issues, “Kareem loved basketball, but he didn’t love it enough to play 20 years…”

  2. Despite the tragic decision not to have Olivia Munn face the camera, it was still a great commercial!

  3. It was great. I did need a few things from the commercial:

    1) More Olivia Munn
    2) Magic next to Kareem (Shazaam!)
    3) BJ Penn yelling BJ with a mouth full of burger.

    I thought Kareem was a vegan.

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