Miami Heat 97, Philadelphia 76ers 91
Miss you already, Sixers. Thanks for making a potentially boring first round series kinda fun. You may not have been the best team in the playoffs, but you reminded us all that Tony Battie is still in the league. That really says something.

San Antonio Spurs 110, Memphis Grizzlies 103 OT
“I guess Gary Neal hit an OK shot. Or whatever.” — April Ludgate, NBA expert

Oklahoma City Thunder 100, Denver Nuggets 97
Decent game for Kevin Durant — 41 points, 5 rebounds, 2 assists, 1 steal and 2 blocks, plus an incredible clutch jumper where he was sprinting full speed and somehow stopped on a dime for an 18-foot floater. That line and that shot are just stupid. Gonna miss you, Denver. Your tattoos and delightfully wacky cast of characters were a pretty good time. Peach out.

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  1. What was that overturned backcourt vilation at the end? “He was neither in the frontcourt, neither in the back”?!?

    I know bitching about referees is wack but still – this series was ridden with weird calls and altercations :((( The Thunder sure didn’t need those to advance but it leaves me kinda bitter… :///////

  2. Forget the non-calls or whatever, we should all complain about that commentator. A rookie just hit a buzzer-beating 3-pointer that saved the West’s number 1 team season… and all we got from the commentator guy was total silence.

  3. *the number 1 team of the West’s season*

  4. The post title should read “I am Gary! Neal before me!”

  5. Gary ‘The Nail’ Neal.

  6. Err…

    I eh… come up with that. Charlie V. stole it.

  7. Those Memphis commentators were worse than the Spurs commentators, but still not as bad as Heinsohn.

  8. Z-bo with a z-bound. Outstanding.

  9. @ Stefan Vasilev :

    Correct me if I’m wrong but I think the new rule (last year ?) for backcourt violation implies you have to have 2 feet and the ball on the other side of the line to make a violation. One foot on each side of the line is ok.

    The Neal story is again a wonderful demonstration of the ability of the Spurs organisation.

  10. @oldschool

    Reasearch is king I guess… I thought that him being in the frontcourt actually was an established position, and then him lifting his back foot with the ball meant he left the backcourt, and then again stepping on the line is a violation. My bad :)

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