There is really no other way to introduce this next post, other than to tell you that it’s amazing. What you see above is an original Air Jordan I that Michael Jordan wore when he returned from a broken foot in his second NBA season (1985-86), only it’s been outfitted with a built-in ankle brace in order to protect MJ’s ultra-valuable footsies. Not only was I completely unaware that these existed, they’re actually for sale.

If you’re the kind of person who has $24,999 on hand to purchase 25-year-old basketball shoes, these one-of-a-kind Nikes can be yours. That’s a lot of money for shoes that you’d never dare wear, but it honestly sounds cheap for something so unique. Somewhere down the line, there will be a Michael Jordan museum and it’ll cost a lot more than $25k to add these to the collection because these are incredible.

These are as OG as they get. There’s the original Air Jordan logo, the one with the wings before the iconic Jumpman was invented. There’s the fact that these are two different sizes, presumably to accommodate extra taping or padding for Jordan’s tender left foot. There’s the custom orthotic insoles, which ensured the most custom fit possible. And of course, there’s the flippin’ ankle braces that run through the shoes. Crazy.

Like, I said before, these are amazing. If there were ever a shoe worth spending $25,000 on, these are probably the ones. Especially if you wear a 13 on one foot and a 13.5 on the other.

(via Nice Kicks)