Thee Basketball Gods sure love their UFC. On today’s NBA Playoff Fix, Skeets and Tas wrap up three — count ‘em three — first round series. Topics include: Kirk Hinrich’s dig down defense, Joe Johnson’s rebounding, Redick’s great look, the Lakers’ big man checklist, Chris Paul’s mental motor, Artest’s turning point, Crash’s aggressive start, Chris Johnson poking “That Dude,” JET’s solid series, and whether LMA can be the face of the Blazers franchise? All that, plus very little Royal Wedding talk.

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Comments (15)

  1. What is the name of the song that always plays at the end of your show?

  2. Good bye ;( where is good place to fish ?

  3. Cmon Skeets! You got to throw in an “I told you so”, and brag about being the only person to pick the Hawks to beat the Magic!

  4. Hate to sound like a broken record, but why on earth do you guys think the Mavs win was a surprise? I’m a Mavs supporter without any illusions, and even I knew they’d win this.

    Anyway, great show as always. I like it when you just casually toss out ways in which the Hawks and Magic disappoint.

  5. Good show! Are we going to see(or hear rather) an overdose today?

  6. @Myk: The song at the end of the show is called “Love Letter” and it’s by the Easy Access Orchestra.

    @iheartcoffee: No Overdoses for a while – at least until the end of the playoffs. Sorry to disappoint, but it will be back!

  7. Dirk photoshop looks firkin real, excellent job! Sort of random aside, but my fave players from the eliminated teams are Chris Paul George, Crash, LMA, and Amare

  8. Oregon is a great place to fish! Dirk was a monster and I never was a fan of his until this season. Wallace is a keeper. Aldridge seemed gassed after probably logging more minutes throughout the season than any other starter. I think the Blazers suffered from chemistry problems trying to reinsert Roy into the lineup. Batum and Rudy seemed cold and not in sync. Nate could’ve done a better job with his rotations. Next year Rip City!

  9. Thanks to the Jones, I wagered multiple orders of chicken wings (all to be delivered while I watch playoff basketball) on that Hawks victory. You guys made me a believer.

    I agree that it was strange to see Dwight rattled by the tactic with Hinrich. Seems like a pretty basic strategy.

  10. awwww no more OD for a while makes me sad :/

    at least I get my fix

  11. This TBJ episode did absolutely nothing to make me feel better about my Magic… And oh yeah, I disagree about the officiating being “pretty good across the board”. When Howard gets T’d up because Collins is flopping like a ‘female dog’ then that’s cleary NOT good officiating.

    One final thing: Magic fans are calling Bianchi a ‘birdbrain’ every day. So, if Josh Smith needs to be called a birdbrain by another birdbrain to motivate himself for a closeout game then he is indeed a birdbrain. Did that make sense? No? Whatever… I’m looking forward to a (hopefully) exciting offseason for the Magic.

  12. I was at the Blazers-Mavs game last night – The crowd gave up really early in the third quarter. Even by the 4th with 4 minutes left there were WHOLE sections of people on their asses still. It’s baffling to me that at the last game of (quite possibly the calendar) year, people were unwilling to root for their home team.

    LMA can be the man, but Blazers need better shooters for him to be effective. Once the doubles started coming it became a brick laying convention.

  13. Hey I don’t follow every episode so if I might ask.. What happened to JD? I notice Matt is behind the camera now?

  14. Isn’t JD mostly lazy?

    I don’t think I heared another definitive explanation…

  15. Isn’t JD mostly lazy?

    I don’t think I heared another definitive explanation…

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