Meet Rachel Johnson, personal stylist to some of your favorite NBA stars. She’s the one responsible for all the guys who dress like fancy nerds with their thick-framed glasses, cardigans and bow ties. She’s just been profiled by the New York Times and in between all the amusing facts about her — she first became famous for dressing Ja Rule in this video, Jalen Rose was her first NBA client, and cetera — you’ll find out how to dress just like her star pupil, Amar’e Stoudemire. It’s easy if you follow these five steps.

Don’t Wear Such Baggy Clothes

Mr. Stoudemire may be her tallest client to date; he is certainly the most fashion-forward. “I told him he had a great style of his own,” Ms. Johnson said, “but I wanted him to slim it down more.”

Try New Things

Part of her mission is to nudge Mr. Stoudemire a little outside of his comfort zone. “For one event, I had him in Chelsea boots by Gucci and a suit with skinny-leg pants,” she said. “Everything looked hot, but he fought me every step of the way.”

Look the Part

She eventually won him over. When Mr. Stoudemire was invited by Ms. Wintour to sit in the front row at the Tommy Hilfiger show last September, Ms. Johnson put him in an outfit that, she said, “embodied the Tommy aesthetic” — plaid shirt, striped rep tie, white varsity sweater, tan khakis and Converse low-tops. Fashion editors noticed. “It was cleaned-up but still with a lot of swagger,” Ms. Cohen said.

Learn from Your Environment

Was Ms. Johnson trying to make Mr. Stoudemire into a new urban hipster? “Definitely,” she said. “The longer he lives in New York, the more that’ll be developed. He sees stuff on the street now, and he’ll be like, ‘Oh, that’s how you put that together.’ ”

Most Important — Be Yourself!

Mr. Stoudemire tried on tuxedos while Ms. Johnson conferred with the Calvin Klein tailors. They seemed to settle on two. “Classic confidence or a modern, edgy metropolitan style?” she asked aloud, referring to a simple two-button tux or a dark blue one with an iridescent sheen.

Ms. Johnson seemed to prefer the former, saying, “His physical presence is spectacular enough.”

See guys, it’s that easy. If you follow these five simple steps, you’ll be sitting next to Anna Wintour in no time. Play your cards right and you might even get to design women’s clothes. Fingers crossed.

Of course, if that’s too complicated, you can always go the other route. On second thought, don’t.