Wha' Happened?: Goodbyes suck

Atlanta Hawks 84, Orlando Magic 81
Goodbye, Orlando Magic. I won’t really miss you because you were frustrating more often than not, but it’s still pretty weird that you won’t be around anymore. You had a good chance at the end — and maybe if the guy you ran the play for wasn’t playing in just his sixth game after a month-long layoff, he would have made it — but you came up just short. See you guys next year, when everyone is going to be asking about Dwight Howard all the time. Should be fun.

Los Angeles Lakers 98, New Orleans Hornets 80
Going to miss you for sure, Chris Paul. The rest of the Hornets, not quite as much but still a little bit. It was fun when you guys started the season off with all those wins and it was really cool when you beat the Lakers twice in this series. Unfortunately for you, losing two games in the first round is kind of their thing. Have a good summer. Keep in touch.

Dallas Mavericks 103, Portland Trail Blazers 96
Peace out, Trail Blazers. For a team that had to deal with as much change as you did — losing Greg Oden again, Brandon Roy’s injury troubles, a big trade at the deadline, and cetera — you did a tremendous job of keeping things going. Hopefully, one of these years things will be nice and easy for you and we can all see what you’re really capable of. Until then, keep your head up and enjoy your time off. Get healthy and stuff.

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  1. The three headed Raptor.

    Bryan Colangelo – We all talk about over rated player, but what about over rated GM. Colangelo had over five years to improve the team, instead i see a product on the floor that got worst every year.

    Jay Triano may be a good person, but has a coach the Raptors will never win with him. You have a coach that doesn’t hold guys accountable for the plays on the court.

    Andrea Bargnani – he has reached is max potential and its not really good. This guy doesn’t even pretend to play defense. How can a team win games when they are play 5 on 4 on the defensive end of the court.

    These there individuals are the main part of the franchise and frankly they all need to go in order for the Raptors to be better.

  2. nice, i was just waiting for someone to turn a Wha’ Happended article into a discussion of the Raptors. Yes, Triano should go, Bargs on the trading block, but only fire BC if you have an idea of who you’re gunna replace him with.

  3. Well, atleast they got rid of Hedo you guys. Trading out Hedo is addition by subtraction.

  4. YEAH….Hedo is like a negative number. If you subtract a negative number from a positive number, the negatives just cancel each other out and you end up adding….ADDITION BY SUBTRACTION….MATH IS FUN!

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