Zach Randolph has been killing it in the playoffs, no doy. He’s leading the Grizzlies in scoring and PER while boasting the highest usage rate on the team. He’s even put up a better defensive rating than Shane Battier. Basically, he’s balling out of control while carrying the Grizzlies farther than they’ve ever gone with each postseason win that they notch.

Yesterday, he owned the Thunder, putting up an insane 34 and 10 while shooting so well that he became just the fifth player to put up 30 and 10 while not missing a free throw or a three. It was the kind of game that made you realize just how good Zach Randolph really is, which is exactly what happened to Kevin Durant. From the AP:

“You can’t stop him. You’ve got to make them shoot tough shots like he’s been doing, but if he’s making them, he’s tough to stop,” Durant said.

“He’s an animal.”

Durant went on to say that he considers Randolph, a 10th-year veteran who’s bounced around the league with no postseason success until this year, to be “the best power forward in the league.”

High praise from a guy who just became the youngest 2-time scoring champion in NBA history. When other superstars are giving you dap, that’s serious.

Of course, Durant isn’t the only one who holds that opinion.

“I’ve got to agree with that. Thanks, KD,” Randolph said with a smile. “I appreciate that.”

Whether or not you think Randolph is the best power forward in the league is up for debate — it’s one of the most loaded positions in the NBA, to the point that Randolph wasn’t even picked for this year’s All-Star game because the Western Conference already had four power forwards on its roster — but it is not up for debate whether or not Zach Randolph declaring he’s the best in the league by joking with Kevin Durant is awesome. Because it definitely is.

There’s no better way to assert this sort of thing than by letting someone else say it first, then thanking them for saying it since it’s true. This is the new humblebrag. Embrace it.