On today’s NBA Playoff Fix, Skeets and Tas 2.0 weigh in our first two Conference Semifinals series — Heat/Celtics and THUNDERGRIZZLIES! Topics include: Paul Pierce’s questionable ejection, whether he’ll be suspended, MIA Rondo, Wade’s 38, the Celtics bench, Zach Randolph’s unconscious play, the Grizz’s offensive rebounding, Westbrook and the Thunder’s momentum-killin’ turnovers, and that awesome OKC crowd. All that, plus some quick series predictions, Tas’ LASIK eye surgery, and UFC 129.

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  1. UPDATE: According to Yahoo! Sports’ Adrian Wojnarowski, crew chief Dan Crawford told a pool reporter after Game 1 that Pierce’s second technical was levied because the Boston forward lobbed “a verbal taunt. He directed profanity at Wade. And in the rule book, that is a verbal taunt.” In an unrelated story, Kevin Garnett(notes) has just been given 1,438 technical fouls for verbal taunting and will not play NBA basketball again until 2016.

  2. Hey Skeets, looking good! Have you lost some weight?

  3. I was worried about the series with Hinrich out, but I’m buoyed by Tas’s dismissive appraisal of the Hawks chances. Perhaps he should embrace his parting words more. It is okay to not like the Hawks, but Tas, you’ve been coming across a bit like a dick about it lately.

  4. LOL to Lulz… great comment.

    Pathetic, Young official trying to be recognized, the game is not about refs, but they made it that way. I hope the Heat wouldn’t want to win like that.

  5. Bulls in 5
    Celts in 7
    Grizz in 6
    Lakers in 5

  6. Bulls in 5
    Heat in 7
    Grizzlies in 6
    Lake Show in 5

  7. @Dallas – I am being a bit of a jerk towards the Hawks. Guess I’m angry about the Magic’s performance against them. I have trouble getting over things, but not to worry, my analysis of the ATL-CHI series will be (fairly) unbiased starting tomorrow.

    @Mart – Skeets is ALWAYS losing weight.

  8. Skeets, the whole world deemed you crazy for taking Atlanta over Orlando… I dare you to do that again with the Bulls? :)) Haha

  9. Hey Skeets, where did you get that awesome t-shirt??

  10. @Jules — Right here: http://nbaoffseason.spreadshirt.com/

    @Stefan — No way. As I said on the show, Bulls in 5.

  11. @Skeets: In modern society justice is tried to be achieved in court. Sad about your intro.

  12. I think Delonte says ouch after you hugged his nuts. Where’d you get the Knicks shirt? It looks sexy. And fuck you Matty, maybe a better term is “en fuego” v “unconscious?”
    @bluedouglas: I’m diggin it

  13. Things couldn’t have gone worse for the Celtics. The only thing that went well was that Ray’s threes were dropping, but even then Wade was great defensively.

    Rondo missed whole second quarter save for 43 seconds (shouldn’t have taken that second foul on LeBron), and that was a brutal quarter.

    Garnett only takes 9 shots. That’s insane.

    25 points off of turnovers.

    25 points for Jones, as you guys said.

    Pierce looked awful in the first half. Was finally getting into an offensive groove in the second half, and then the ejection.

    On the flip side….Heat get an awesome performance. I don’t know how many games Wade can work that hard defensively and still have the type of offensive output. I guarantee you Jones won’t get 7 open looks from three like that.

    Not worried.

    On the Pierce ejection:

    What he did to get that first tech is inexcusable. So stupid. So, it’s his own fault. BUT, I do think it’s funny that they said in the press conference that he got the verbal taunt according to the rulebook because he “directed profanity towards Wade” – they shouldn’t say that after the game because it doesn’t make the league look good. If that’s a rule, then it’s the most inconsistently enforced rule in the book (and that’s really saying something!).

    And, I think it’s interesting that you guys talked about Pierce seeking Wade out with his eyes on the screen. Wade saw it coming and made NO effort to go around it. He went full speed into Pierce. I’ve got no problem with that type of physical play, but it felt to me like Wade was the one seeking to do damage to Pierce.

    Flagrant on JO was BS. If it was a flagrant, then the one on Jones should have been too.

  14. The story of the weekend has to be Skeets throwing eggs at Biebs. Thats even better than the t-shirt, which is awesome.

  15. I think Lakers in 5 is crazy. The Mavs don’t go out that easy when they get passed 1st round.

  16. The iTunes podcast had the date as May 7

  17. For the record:

    James Jones foul on Pierce upgraded. Jermaine O’Neal flagrant (which resulted in 5 Heat points), downgraded.

    The Jones thing isn’t a huge deal because Pierce would have reacted no matter what (he reacted immediately – not after he learned it wasn’t called a flagrant). But, I’m just sayin.

  18. Tas…looking forward to that non-bias reporting now.

    Terrible effort from the league’s elite defensive team.

  19. @Peter – thanks for the correction. We noticed once we uploaded it, but once it’s up, it’s up.

    As for tomorrow’s unbiased talk, I look forward to wondering about the Bulls (and giving a little kudos to the Hawks) as well.

  20. I was kind of disappointed tbh Tas, I was hopeing it was somehow a magical show from May 7 which would enable me to wrought all betting on games till then.

  21. @ Skeets – Still going with the Bulls in 5? :)) I bet noone saw this coming…

  22. @ Tas – I know you knock the Hawks pretty much all the time, but it is scary when you think about it – they are actually good, their problem being not giving a shit… But what if somehow the coaching staff and beating Orlando builds up a great confidence? You think they can just pull their shit together and be relevant? Cuz they got skills, its not completely impossible?

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