Remember when Jameer Nelson told Derrick Rose he’d see him in the second round? No? See here. Yup, he said it and the Atlanta Hawks didn’t forget it. Just like Atlanta showing they were the Hawks and not birdbrains, the team has been taking names of those who have underestimated them.

Tonight, when they face off against the Bulls to kick off the second round of the playoffs, there will be a pair of playoff tickets waiting at will call for Nelson. Hawks PR superman, Arthur Triche tweeted the above snapshot of the tickets along with this tweet:

They might drive you crazy on the basketball court, but those Atlanta Hawks sure are jokers. And thanks to that famous Southern hospitality, Nelson’s words to Rose won’t be in vain — he will catch Derrick Rose in the second round. Probably not what he meant, but still.

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  1. Hey, I’m a Magic fan but even I think that s@!t is hilarious!!! LMAO

  2. LOL! Great!

    I think this kind of trash talking is very creative and harmless, but gets the point across.

    It’s never worth it to trash talk when trying to psyche out your opponent, because your actually putting more pressure on yourself to back it up.

  3. If I were Jameer, I’d be a good sport and go watch the Hawks get killed.

  4. Or not so much.

    Not sure the Hawks can hold on for the whole series but, as a Magic fan, not only is this clever, I hope the Hawks kill the Bulls.

  5. @ Joseph Harbin

    Well, that didn’t turn out the way you wanted… Bulls down 1

    And the whole zing is absolutely genius! :))))

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