Dallas Mavericks at Los Angeles Lakers
The Mavs are hilariously playing the “No one believed in us” card, which makes them dangerous because they probably actually believe that. Also, they are good. Plus, for the first time in forever, Derek Fisher is not the oldest starting point guard in a playoff series.

Atlanta Hawks at Chicago Bulls
No Kirk Hinrich for the Hawks, yes Carlos Boozer for the Bulls. Hate to say it, but those might cancel each other out.

World’s Greatest Rap Song
Not sure which is better — this kids pants, his dance moves or his sick flow. You tell me.

World’s Greatest Wrestling Move
There is literally nothing bad about this. Except for when the huge guy strips down to his grunders. That’s not so great.

World’s Greatest Carp Hunting Video
There probably isn’t a lot of competition in this category, but this adventure definitely takes the cake.