And he’s thrilled about it. Just look at him — beaming.

Jokes aside, totally a deserving win, even if there were about six other coaches who also would have been good choices. A 21-win improvement over last season, the best defense in the league and the No. 1 overall seed in this year’s playoffs is a pretty chill résumé.

Congratulations to Tom Thibodeau, who will now be fired within three years. That’s just how this thing works. Oh well, at least then he’ll have some free time to not do anything besides think about basketball.

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  1. Hey plaid shirt guy, why the long face?

  2. [...] a bit strange, but that’s the child rearing equivalent of coaching like Tom Thibodeau, who just won the NBA’s version of a World’s Best Dad t-shirt.Of course, I suppose if you’re [...]

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