When Derrick Rose was growing up, I’m sure he didn’t imagine he’d win his first Most Valuable Player award at the age off 22, making him the youngest MVP in league history. He also probably didn’t imagine that he’d be accepting it while walking on an ankle he sprained on a completely meaningless play that came at the end of a disappointing playoff loss. Can’t win ‘em all.

Nonetheless, congratulations to Derrick Rose, who will be named MVP later today. The stats and your ankle ligaments may not totally support you, but lovers of fancy right-handed layups certainly do. Big ups.

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  1. Left-habded too….

  2. I meant *handed* of course…

  3. “The stats [...] may not totally support you” – Are you implying that he doesn’t deserve to be MVP? Maybe Dwight who couldn’t carry his team through the first round? Or Lebron who barley has to show up to games because he has Wade to score 30 a night for him?

    In my book well deserved, and fitting with Tib’s COY award as well.

  4. I would have probably voted for Rose. Just saying that there are other bros with stats that are at least as good as Rose’s.

  5. Agreed, but considering that his team held the best record in the NBA, and for the past three years, the best player on the team that hold the NBA’s best reg. season record wins MVP, it’s fitting that Rose should win… also he has been the best in the clutch of all the players in the “MVP debate”

  6. Looking at the bulls in the playoffs, they’re pretty pathetic without rose. He’s about 99% of their offense.

  7. I would like to throw this stat out there. You won’t see it on the traditional box score, but it’s easily one of the most important stats you can have as the team’s best player:


    As you can see, Derrick Rose is second place among scoring with less than 5 minutes left in the game. Being the second best closer (next to Kobe), is extremely important, because closing games out = winning games. Combine this with his other stats, the way he’s helped bring this team to a 60+ win series, and I’d say you have a pretty good argument all-around for him being the MVP this year.

  8. Watching Derrick Rose makes my eyes hurt. What an ugly game that kid has. Not to get all Shoals up in here, but what about Aesthetics? And verve?

  9. Are you serious coogiepenthouse? Derrick Rose is probably the most exciting player in the league!

  10. He wouldn’t even be the most exciting player in the WNBA. Cappie would destroy him. I would rather watch the inexplicable opening and closing of Keith Bogan’s giant pores than watch DRose put his head down and run into people. What I’d really like to know is the average length of a bull’s game versus the league mean. I’d expect CHI games take at least 15 minutes longer.

  11. Cool troll is a cool troll.

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