The Memphis Grizzlies are the (pronounced “thee” for effect) story of the postseason. They knocked off the Spurs, becoming just the second eight seed to beat a No. 1 in a seven-game series. Then, as if that wasn’t good enough, they went in to Oklahoma City and knocked off the Thunder, a team who tied for the fifth-best home record in all of basketball. Pretty serious stuff for a franchise that had never won a playoff game — let alone series — before this season. And, you’d guess, pretty cool bragging rights for oft-criticized Memphis owner Michael Heisley.

Wrong. Even he doesn’t get it. From the Memphis Commercial Appeal:

“I’ve been wrong about a lot of things,” said owner Mike Heisley. “I was wrong about Allen Iverson and we were wrong about Thabeet. I said this when we were bad so I have to say it now, too. A lot of this is pure luck.”

Well, at least he’s honest. Pretty impressive to not take credit for making franchise history over and over — especially when you’ve been slammed as often as Heisley has — and a very true statement. Word to Michael Heisley on this one.

Did anyone think tanking the last two games of the season was a good idea for a team that hadn’t made the playoffs in five years? Wasn’t it weird that they’d trade for Shane Battier when they were outside of the playoff picture and their best player had just gone down for the season? Those are both things that had no right working out as well as they have, but if Lady Luck is giving you the googly eyes it’s all good.

The Grizzlies aren’t complaining, I’m sure. Might as well ride it out. Hit up Vegas, buy some stocks, grab a few scratch-off tickets from the 7-Eleven. Really take advantage of this hot streak.

(via SLAM)