Eur-o step /yərō, step/ noun

1. A basketball maneuver where a player fakes one direction with their first stride, then quickly darts the opposite direction on their next stride. As popularized by Manu Ginobili.
2. That move up there that made Kevin Garnett look ridiculous.
3. (archaic) A single stair located anywhere in Europe.

(via Ben Golliver)

Comments (10)

  1. all this time i had only assumed definition 3.

    Thanks guys!

  2. finally the ginobili crossover is recognized. and not called “oh, that’s a travel, intl players do that all the time”.

  3. David Stern should keep his Euro campaign to just recognising the Euro Step and leaving the cylinder rule alone…..

  4. 4. soon-to-be popular musical style preferred by berlin’s finest hipsters, a combination of trashy european dance-pop (90ies style) and dubstep. watch out for that!

  5. Is it really necessary to call a foul too? The contact that constitutes a foul in the NBA is ridiculously inconsistent.

  6. Still hate Reggie Miller

  7. Ginobili’s from south america…

  8. the argentine tango

  9. ridiculous TRAVELLING!!!!

  10. biatch- so? The Eurostep isn’t named after Ginobili, he just did a lot to popularize it in America.

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