Mostly cleaning, but also a little bit of watching “Law and Order: SVU.” Other than that, not much.

The real question, however, is what to do with that monstrosity of a Heat jersey. Probably something involving “CSI: Miami,” I’m guessing. That or “Burn Notice.”

(via Deadspin)

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  1. I hope Celtics will watch this video before tonight’s game.

  2. Can you wash your car with the Jersey? He never clearly stated if car washing was a viable use for the Jersey.

  3. Big news here : there are Miami Heat fans.

  4. Harris watches Burn Notice – Aziz Ansari.

    And y es, that is probably the worst jersey in the world (the heat one), god who let Miami have basketball fans?

  5. N-E-R-W J-E-R-S-E-R-Y N-E-R-T-S

  6. The real question is, why did he have a Celtics jersey in the first place?
    Probably a bandwagoner from when the C’s big 3 came together.

  7. The real, real question is what school did this guy graduate from. “Another reason how to use your Boston Celtics jersey” he had to use that phrase 10 times without ever realizing just how little sense it makes.

  8. Also, as a Celtics fan I was reaaaaaally hoping for this to be hilarious, and it was boring as heck. Somebody please make an insulting yet funny video please!

  9. This video is horse shit. Maybe the heat should fans should take a step back and look at the fact that they are 3-1 in the season series against the heat. Great you one the first playoff game. You lost in the final seconds to a team that holds the worst record against over .500 teams in the eastern conference. Yes you beat them 4-1 but the celtics sweep first round opponents. Unless there the Bulls because we both play good basketball. Cool idea to use a Paul Pierce jersey to wipe down your Chevy Malibu. Oh and your grandmother did a real nice job stitching some extra numbers and names on the back of your jersey, it looks real nice. Here in Boston we don’t need a jersey with three people on it cause we have a team instead of just three players who can’t make big shots if their lives depended on it. But there the best sorry. Bitch ass heat fans.

  10. Haha Nigel, you mad? 58 wins isn’t good basketball? And i’m going to be a smart fan and realize that being 1-0 against Boston isn’t really a big deal. But the fact that you’re putting stock in the opening game of the season and another game 2 weeks later is wild to me. I never thought Boston fans would give us any credit unless we won the series, but I at least thought they’d be rational lol.

    In other news: WOW that heat jersey was disgusting! I remember when we won in 06 and a ton of people starting making their own tshirts to make a profit, you have no idea how many Alonzo “Mornin” jerseys i saw

  11. Oh, and congrats for sweeping Melo. Smh.

  12. If becoming a Heat fan requires wearing that atrocious jersey he has on, then the Miami bandwagon can pass right on by. Weather looks nice though.

  13. I respect the 58 wins Andy. I like Lebron even when everyone else hates him, but this dude is wack. Pierce makes people hate him, but he’s been in the league forever and if anything that dude should be drying his car with a Chris Bosh jersey a.k.a. I yell when I score baskets, because it rarely happens/ I’m really over rated now.

  14. Gross man. You wash your car and then your toilet with the same jersey! LOL
    HOPE BOSTON CELTICS beat the Heat so they can all shut up.

  15. @Michael C

    Hilarious dude!

  16. Just some questions for the protagonist- How’s your unemployment rate? Or your property values? Chances are you have the reading skills of a 2nd grader if you were educated in Florida. Go back into your single-wide and hope your kids don’t end up on an Amber Alert. Enjoy your job at Wal-Mart, you trailer trash.

  17. I respect that too man. Although i’m feeling much better after we are up 2-0 now, still not going to be confident lol.

    But my point was you started your argument saying this guy should shut up because boston beat us 3-1 in the season. The guy is a fan. It’s a goofy video, and as a heat fan he’s not gonna wash the car with one of his own players jerseys lol. And trust me, we’ve given bosh the business this year when he doesn’t play well, almost unfairly.

    Pierce talks quite a bit. You gotta remember when we lost to them during the season he tweeted about “Taking his talents to south beach.” He talks alot, so he should enjoy some good-natured ribbing at his expense. If you wanna dish it out, you gotta be able to take it.

    And yes, it’s a horrible jersey he has on, and a silly video to begin with. But considering how much crap we’ve gotten this year, we should be allowed to make a crappy youtube making fun of someone else every now and then lol.

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