Atlanta Hawks 103, Chicago Bulls 95
Great win for the Hawks, who played their best game of the postseason while the Bulls continued to play like they were facing the Indiana Pacers. Not a great combination. Magic fans will tell you that waiting for the Hawks to start missing shots is a losing proposition, but that doesn’t account for the fact that the Hawks made 53 percent of their threes last night, as compared to their previous playoff high of 43. Plus, the Hawks shot below their season averages against the Magic, leading me to believe that they’ll fall back to Earth. At least that’s what I’m telling myself to stay optimistic.

Dallas Mavericks 96, Los Angeles Lakers 94
The Lakers blew a 16-point third quarter lead, then completely botched a potentially game-winning possession with less than 10 seconds remaining. Who do they think they are, the Miami Heat? Also of note: DeShawn Stevenson was -11 in just 9:34 of playing time, worst on the Mavericks. Vintage DeShawn Stevenson right there.